Hey there, this is me and I totally hate having my picture taken. I mean, like worst ever. But it is super cool to have photos of myself with my family and I love them, despite the lines, the wrinkles, the weird faces I always pull. It super cool to have the memories.

So enough about photos, what about me. I’m a wife (almost married 10 years), we’ve got three crazy kids, a golden retriever puppy who is a nightmare  (but super cute). So I love kids and dogs and I also love photography. I’ve been doing that since before I met my hubby. I used to shoot just film and process all of it and the prints myself, sometimes I long for the days locked in a dark room and would totally love to immerse myself in those fumes in that dark room again. Maybe one day.

I also love travel. I lived in the UK for 4 years, as a nurse and travelled through much of Europe. I particularly loved Italy. But I totally loved London and would jump at the opportunity to go back, although I kinda get that maybe 14(ish?) years on, it would be much different and that bringing kids along would make it a much different experience. Regardless my hubby and I have a bit of wanderlust and cant wait until the kids are big enough to walk long distances and explore foreign lands. For now, next year a trip to Japan will keep us pretty happy.

I like beer, corona with lime (lime over lemon every time) and like a glass of champagne. Gin and tonic goes down pretty well too.

I like nice things, pretty patterns, music, yummy vegetarian food (but I eat fish cause I can kill them but couldn’t kill any other animals). I like monochrome, I wear mostly black but sometimes I will surprise myself with colour. I like lots of things actually too much to keep going on here. Come in and see my in the studio for a chat and see if you and I click over any of this. x