I remember the first time that I met Kate. She was just so lovely. She had come to our first chat alone as Jim was working. She was a nurse like me, so we had common ground there, we chatted and it was so easy. I loved hearing the story of how she met Jim and that the thing she first noticed about him was his bum! He a Dr and she a nurse, it maybe clichéd but gosh in this case it worked!! She was sweet and gentle and just had this light that shone through her. I thought the man she was marrying must be pretty delighted that she had said yes. I had my fingers and toes and everything else crossed that they would choose me to shoot their wedding.

I first met Jim at their E shoot. I could see why Jim had been the object of her affection. He was charming, spunky and funny. He just kept looking at her with this oozy eyeball love and it was obvious they were made to be. I was soooo excited to shoot their wedding- yay me!!

And so now the day has come and gone and I was there to capture all of it. The wedding has been featured in the January edition of Brides Of Adelaide Magazine which I am so excited about. Kate and Jim are pretty excited too and know it will be a momento to keep and show the grandkiddies.

So maybe enough babbling from me…..here is the wedding of Kate and Jim. Enjoy. xx