This was the first line of the first email I received from Micala ‘”Hi Mel! I’ve had a look at your website and I think you’re the one! :)”. I had a smile on my face from that very first email until the very end of the journey. I still do, looking over the images today. It has become one of those weddings that I almost measure others against in the joy stakes and have taken notes of how to approach your wedding day and make it just about you and the people you love. It’s really my philosophy for weddings now and what I tell clients, no matter what your taste or style, your wedding should be about you, about representing you together and involving all your family and friends and just celebrating big time, with laughter and lots and lots of love.

This wedding also had a lot of firsts for me. It was my first destination wedding. The boys got ready in a Melbourne hotel and the ladies at Micala and Nick’s awesome home. They had a first look (my first and I think only first look ever – and i loved it!!) at a beach close by, one that they love and then we drove around 45 mins to The Briars, on the Mornington Peninsula where they had their ceremony and reception. It was a barn wedding (my first!! and I had wanted to shoot a wedding at a barn for forever)  and just filled with so much DIY, but DIY with meaning.

They had a happy yellow colours scheme. Micala told her bridesmaids to go off and get a yellow dress, they all came back with what suited them and it worked. Micala purchased her dress on ETSY, she saw it and knew it was the one. Micala’s hat was from her mother in law and she added the veil herself to have her own special touch. One of Micala’s sisters drove the gorgeous car from the house to the ceremony. Nick lovingly restored Micala’s grandfather’s bicycle that he used to deliver the mail with, and Nick  rode it up the aisle. It stayed up the front where it served as a reminder of those that sadly couldn’t be there. The wedding cake was made by her mum (Amazing!) and the desserts by family members. There were photos of previous generations, there were planted flowers which not only served as decorations and to bring some of the outside in, but guest were to take them home at the end of the night. I thought that was pretty fabulous. The guys had a bold Melbourne vibe which I loved. The speeches were up there with the funniest ever, I laughed my head off. Micala’s mum and some family members sang Micala and Nick a song and she got up and joined them, that was pretty special and the atmosphere on the dance floor was amazing. In fact the warm, fuzzy and genuine atmosphere the whole night was just crazy and epic and wonderful and I really remember not actually wanting to leave.

The other thing about this wedding was, well, Micala and Nick. I did feel a bit of an instant affinity with Micala. The wedding day was the first day that I had met these two, but they were so warm and loving an genuine and special. I could see that they had many varied friends and it was a testament to their amazing natures. The other thing I really loved, was how Micala just loved to snuggle into Nick’s neck and shoulder. It was adorable and I loved that I could capture the natural-ness that unfolded between them on their day.

Even though this wedding is coming up to two years old, (I have no idea why I haven’t blogged it before!! It may have been that I was so excite that Hello May decided to blog it. You can find that here:…/mic-nick-yellow-barn-wedding-photographer )  and I have changed my editing style a little, this wedding is me. I felt my heart melt at all the love and attention to the special details. And they had a bloody fantastic day.

Thanks for being so Amazing Micala and Nick and inviting me to share this crazy wonderful day with you both. xx


Please Enjoy. xx


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Photos Mel Boulden Photography // Bridal gown Have Love, Will Travel via Etsy // Veil Spotlight // Head piece flower Floral Jewellery // Shoes Novo // Flowers Flowergirls // RingsHoskings Jewellers // Sash Branchbound via Etsy // Bridesmaid dresses Sheike, Country Road,Alannah Hill and Myer // Grooms shoes RM Williams // Groomsmen suits Zara (jacket), Roger David (pants), Myer (shirt) // Bow ties / ties ASOS and Connor // Ceremony and reception The Briars, VIC // Catering Josephine’s Restaurant // Cake topper Coffee with Dot via Etsy // Bunting Collecting Feathers via Etsy // Lighting Celebrate Party Hire // Stationery Santiago Sunbird // Entertainment DJ Nomad // Celebrant Danielle Binaisse.