I dont really know where to start leading into this blog post. So much swirls around in my mind when I think of it, how frantic it was with three bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen, 7 flower girls and 2 page boys…mmm, frantic! It was busy, it was epic, it was gorgeous and it was soooooo ridiculously fun. I have to be honest and say this was probably the funnest (I know technically not a word, but I’m still using it ) wedding I have shot. The MC was hilarious, the speeches provoked uproars of laughter, the food was beyond words delicious (really,┬áREALLY, yum!!) It was amazing!!!

Toni and Dave are from Melb but due to family ties at the amazing Hentley Farm, this is where they wanted to say their I do’s. They got ready at the lovely Novotel with all the special people who had flown over to share their day. Then they all bussed to the location whilst listening to a hilarious ‘tour guide Toni’s’ version of how the evening should unfold, including what one should do just in case the groom should decide to escape.

I will let the images show the laughter of the day including an epic series of photos (I have only included one) of the groom almost having the knuckle broken on his fniger attemping to get his ring put on! and one very epic first kiss.

Thanks Toni and Dave. What a blast. xx



Makeup – Sarah Haddon

Flowers – Viva the flower store