This is the first blog post in a long while. I’ve typed it in my head a few times, attempting to make the words come out at a rate that will help you understand just how ‘full’ I am feeling, but without just gushing them all at you. I have trouble containing myself sometimes when it comes to writing, especially when the gap has been long and large. So at the risk of sounding like I am about to give some weird acceptance speech (of nothing other than just being grateful for where I am ), I will just say, bear with me, and I will try to keep it short.

To start off in a place not that long ago, a week or so actually a client, asked me how long I had been doing weddings. With a few randoms here and there, it really has only been two seasons. After telling him I was booked up for the next season he said that I should be impressed with myself to be doing so well after a short amount of time. And it hit me. I was. I am very proud of myself. I have a shop / office which I really never thought I might get. It was a little dream I had and it has come true. I have given up Nursing too. This was one of the things that weighed heaviest on my shoulders, for many reasons. I won’t go into them all now. But for me, it was a huge leap of faith to let that go. It was something I had been doing since I left school, and took me to some awesome places. I worked overseas for four years and met some wonderful people. I worked here in Adelaide for the majority of my career in ICU. It was a strange and wonderful, sometimes terrifying, sometimes heart-exploding-ly awesome place. It has a deep spot within me. One that I might never be able to let go, some weird sense of longing to do something physical that helps me look after someone. I don’t miss wiping up poo though. At the end of the day I couldn’t give that my all and as I haven’t worked as a nurse for over three years. I wasn’t about to jump back in to something that was only sometimes something I loved, as opposed to photography which is something that I always love.

So moving on from that I decided to explore my photography in a way I hadn’t done for some time. I went travelling. I went with a bunch of wonderful people to Cambodia and it was awesome. needless to say this reinvigorated my love of just capturing images for the sake of creating and making something for me. I loved it. I am still planning an exhibition and also a big blog post too. It woke me up and I am more in love with photography and my family and my friends and my life than I have been in a long time (needless to say, that one might be a long blog post).

So my photography became about me again, not what others were doing or who I felt I should be. It became about doing what I ‘felt’ not what I thought. So these images from Charmaine and Daniel’s shoot were created from and idea and a desire to create something that was moody. I wanted them to have elements of fashion, to be candid, to be posed, to get my subject to engage with me and my camera, to be sexy and subtle and to just be. I knew Charmaine and Daniel would be perfect for the monochromatic palette that I wanted, and all the elements fell into place. The weather turned it on for us and we had a fab time. I love these images and I know Charmaine and Daniel do too. When I look a them it reminds me not to think but to really feel. I hope you get that out of them too.

Thanks. (Back to normal blog post, not ramblings next time.)